ACCS Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

The ACCS has started Special Interest Groups (SIGs).  These groups allow members to interact even after the sessions have ended.  The SIGs have already been created (using Google Groups) allowing members to discuss things of interest all year long.  Each SIG will have a meeting during the annual Conference.

The SIGs and their Chairs are listed below.  To join a SIG, send a message to the corresponding SIG Chair by clicking on their name below.  Once the SIG Chair has added you to the group, you may access the group by using the links for the group name below.

Group Name Charters
3D Printing


The ACCS 3D Printing SIG provides a forum for the discussion of 3D printing and related technologies with special consideration to the impacts on Higher Education. This includes, but is not limited to, sharing and discussion of best practices, issues, tips, techniques, and general information.


Data Integration and Analysis

The ACCS Data Integration and Analysis SIG was created to provide open discussions for institutions relating to the access, integration and use of data from SIS, HR, LMS or other sources within and by applications or systems of all types.  There are a variety of issues relating to this regarding data types, firewall issues, management and backup and point of recovery.  Come join us to explore this in depth world.

The ACCS Desktop Support Special Interest Group (SIG) offers an opportunity to connect, collaborate, and communicate with the desktop support community at colleges and universities throughout Virginia. This association of desktop support professionals focuses on issues surrounding the support, delivery, and management of endpoint information technology services for our customers. The Desktop Support SIG offers opportunities to reach out for support on specific desktop support topics as well as gain insight on common issues. The SIG membership can share our experiences and discuss the upcoming trends we have come across as well as how to respond.
Help Desk

 The ACCS Help Desk Special Interest Group offers an opportunity to connect, collaborate, and communicate with the Help Desk community at colleges and universities throughout Virginia and continue interacting over and beyond the 3-day conference. This group offers a chance to reach out for support on specific Help Desk topics as well as get insight on common issues we all face like incident management, staff training, which services to provide and contact methods. We can share our experiences and discuss the upcoming trends we have come across.


IT Service Management

The ACCS Information Technology Service Management SIG was created to provide interested ACCS members a vehicle to foster ongoing discussions regarding the adoption and advancement of service management within the ACCS community.  This includes sharing information on tools, tips and techniques on implementing best practices, ITSM Tools and service management processes. 
Knowledge Management


The ACCS Knowledge Management SIG was created to assist in the maintenance and curation (cataloging, proofing, editing, etc.), both internal to IT and front-facing, of an institutional Knowledge Base. Articles need to be solicited from content generators and kept up-to-date, in addition to merely making them available.  Relevance and accuracy must be constantly monitored through use and customer feedback to keep the Knowledge Base accurate to users and useful.
Marketing and Communications

The purpose of ACCS Marketing and Communications SIG is to provide a forum for discussion and collaboration to exchange information, ideas, communications strategies, and other activities that promote knowledgeable, professional and timely communication within our academic communities.  Subscribe and post to the listserv and share your ideas, questions, thoughts and challenges with interested colleagues throughout the year and join us at the ACCS conference.

Project Management

The ACCS Project Management SIG’s goal is to discuss topics of interest regarding Project and Portfolio Management among members of the ACCS.
Records Management

The purpose of the ACCS Records Management SIG to share lessons learned, best practices and foster discussion that leads to the betterment of records management programs and information governance at ACCS member institutions.  All ACCS members, whether IT or records management, are welcomed in this SIG. 

Throughout higher education we all have challenges with information security.  The ACCS Security SIG provides a setting to learn and share experiences with others interested in information security-related topics.  If you are considering an information security project, performing a risk assessment or just have a general question or comment to share with your colleagues, please subscribe/post to the listserv or join us at the group’s meeting held annually as part of the ACCS conference.
Software Licensing

Our purpose is to provide a forum for sharing and communicating about all aspects of software licensing in Higher Education. This includes sharing and communicating experiences, challenges and successes, and if possible, working collaboratively to provide solutions that benefit multiple institutions. This group will meet yearly at the ACCS conference but also continue communication throughout the year.
Unified Communications

The ACCS Unified Communications SIG was created to assist institutions discuss integration and utilization options for all forms of communications used and managed throughout the state. These can include voice, email, messaging and any other forms of communications or collaboration technologies.
VA Classroom Technologies

The ACCS Virginia Classroom Technologies SIG was created to assist all classroom technology managers with information about existing off the shelf products, integration and use best practices and valuable information about new technology and how they can be used in classrooms.