FAQs for ACCS Vendor Exhibitors

Questions on Registration


How soon do I need to register?

Because our vendors think we’re one of the best higher education conferences on the East Coast, we rapidly fill up our space; and we will once again be closing down vendor registration weeks before the conference!

Can I register as a regular attendee?

Unfortunately, we’ve had to become fairly strict on how we allow outside vendors to attend our conference. In the past, we’ve had 3rd party vendors attend our conference, pay minimal entry fees, and then pass out business cards during our Exhibit Hall. This upset many of our high paying vendors, and we took appropriate measures to insure this doesn’t happen again. As a result our attendees either are from higher ed, or a vendor of a sponsoring company.

I’ve registered as a company/exhibitor! How do I register my other attendees/on-site vendor reps?

If you did not provide the names of your complimentary vendor reps (number based on sponsorship level) at the time of your registration as a sponsoring company/Exhibitor please email Kevin Duvall, sponsorship@accsva.org with their names and email addresses on/by 2/27/18.  If you would like to pay for additional vendor reps please email sponsorship@accsva.org.


Questions after Registering

Now that I’ve registered, how do I get my logo on your web site?

That’s easy! Just provide your company logo in a graphic format and send via e-mail to Kevin Duvall, sponsorship@accsva.org.

We have some prizes for giveaways! Do I do this at my table or give them to you?

Whatever works best for you! We do have lots of giveaways and always give credit in announcing the company that is providing them! So if you have items for drawings or giveaways, please let a Vendor Dude know! Our attendees love them! Or if you want to handle the drawing by collecting business cards at your table, feel free to do so!

Where will my table be located?

The vendor area will be the Portsmouth Ballroom V-VIII.  Information will be emailed to the contact person noted on your exhibit registration form by mid February.

My company would love to have items stuffed in the attendees’ bags.   What do I do to make that happen?

If you have items (pens, USB drives, swag, brochures, flyers, etc.) to be put into the attendees’ bags, please send quantities of at least 500 and schedule them to arrive on/but not before March 6, 2018 – this date is for attendee bag items only!  Please address as follows:


Kevin Duvall/ACCS Totes

The Renaissance Portsmouth Hotel & Waterfront Conference Center

425 Water Street

Portsmouth, VA 23704

Attention: Toni Reber



Questions about Exhibit Space & On-Site

What days and times will the exhibit space be open during the conference?

9am – 4pm March 14, and 8am to 3pm March 15. 

Who do I contact onsite if I have an issue?

On-site Contact(s) for Exhibit/Vendor Area can always be found at Booth 1 in the exhibit hall during show hours: Kevin Duvall, Mike Murphy and B Bagby are the Vendor Dudes!

Questions about Electricity / Connectivity during the Exhibit

Do I need to know anything special regarding electricity during the exhibit?

  • One power strip will be placed at your table.  Power is sufficient for a typical laptop and monitor.  If you are bringing additional technologies that require power, please coordinate this in advance with B Bagby.
  • Wall, column and permanent building outlets are not a part of booth space and are not to be used by exhibitors unless specified in writing by the Renaissance Portsmouth Hotel Engineering department.
  • Under no circumstances shall anyone other than “house electricians” make electrical connections.  (Doesn’t apply to 110 volt outlets.)

  • Use of open clip sockets, latex, or lamp cord wire and duplex or triplex attachment plugs in exhibits is strictly prohibited.

  • All extension cords supplied by exhibitor must be 3-wire grounded types.

  • All equipment regardless of source of power, must comply with NEC electrical codes as well as Portsmouth, VA electric codes.

  • All material and equipment furnished by the hotel staff shall remain the property of the hotel and can only be removed by hotel engineering personnel at the close of the function.

  • Exhibitor is responsible for any and all damages to floor coverings and walls caused by exhibitor and/or exhibitor’s employees.

Do I have Wi-Fi?  Power Strips?  Hard-Wire Connection.

As part of your sponsorship you receive complimentary parking, Wi-Fi, skirted table, 2 chairs, and one power strip.  If additional chairs or power strips are needed let the ACCS Vendor Support Team  (sponsorship@accsva.org) know by 2/27/2018.  They are B. Bagby — phone (540) 857-6230) and Kevin Duvall — phone (434) 982-2949.   If a hard-wired connection is required the hotel can provide it at a cost of $150.  If you would like a hard-wire connection to your table make sure you contact B Bagby at 540-857-6230 or bbagby@virginiawestern.edu, no later than 2/27/18 so that arrangements can be made with the hotel.  Cost will be $150 and you will be instructed to call the hotel directly with your credit card to make this payment once B has confirmed your connection.


Questions about Exhibit Setup & Breakdown

When can I setup?   Where do I unload?

Setup is Tuesday, March 13, 1:00pm – 6:00pm and/or Wednesday, March 14, 7:30am – 8:00am in the Portsmouth Ballroom.  For heavy items utilize the loading deck on Water Street; otherwise use the front entrance and hotel staff will assist you.

When can I breakdown?

Breakdown can start on Thursday, 3/15 after 4:15pm.   All vendors must vacate the space by 12pm Friday, 3/16.


Questions about Shipping (Incoming)

Where, and when, can I ship items that I am not able to carry (brochures, tablecloths, swag, displays, etc.)?

  • Ship INCOMING packages to arrive on Friday, March 9 or Monday, March 12.  Due to limited space boxes that arrive earlier will not be accepted.

  • Each exhibitor will receive complimentary handling/storage of a “normal” size/amount of boxes, display cases, etc. as part of their sponsorship.  If you believe you will have an abnormal amount of extra items shipped, or abnormally large/heavy items shipped, please contact B Bagby to make arrangements at 540-857-6230 or bbagby@virginiawestern.edu by 2/27/18.  The Hotel does not assume responsibility for handling or setup of such items unless special arrangements have been made.  

  • Address incoming boxes as follows (remember to include your company name on the label):

B Bagby/ACCS Tables – ________ Insert Company Name

The Renaissance Portsmouth Hotel & Waterfront Conference Center

425 Water Street

Portsmouth, VA 23704

Attention: Toni Reber


Questions about Shipping Items AFTER Exhibit Closes (Outgoing)

The exhibit is over, how do I ship my outgoing boxes?

  • All outgoing boxes must be packed, sealed and labeled by Exhibitor

  • Each exhibitor (vendor) must provide own ‘send out’ label – UPS/FedEx Account Number or Labels.  

  • Shipping charges can be put on a credit card, or on the vendor’s UPS or FedEx account (you must provide your own UPS/FedEx account number or labels).   

  • The hotel will call the 3 major companies (FedEx, FedExpress, and UPS) to do a full pick up.  NO Vendor needs to call in their package if their label is properly placed. FedEx, FedExpress, and UPS are called with the total number of packages designated for them…this way they have the proper truck, loading cart, etc.


ACCS Contact Information

If you have any vendor logistics questions (shipping, table assignment, setup times, etc.), please contact the  ACCS Vendor Support Team  (sponsorship@accsva.org),  B. Bagby — phone (540) 857-6230) and Kevin Duvall — phone (434) 982-2949.